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Annet Nnamara Byamukama presents rich manifesto in pursuit of Buhweju Woman MP seat

It’s a hot race for Buhweju Woman Member of Parliament Oliver Katwesigye Koyechenga who faces Annet Nnamara Byamukama.

You cannot call it business as usual as it is the case in some constituents as politicians traverse villages canvasing support.

Nnamara who will be facing the incumbent in the NRM party primaries soon has pulled out a strong Manifesto which might give her an edge over opponent. Evart Kafureeka who was an FDC candidate to face whoever wins the NRM primaries has moved to the newly created Buhweju West constituency. This means that the NRM primaries winner may win un opposed if the opposition does not present a candidate.

In Nnamara’s manifesto which she shared with our managing editor of East africanwatch.net online newspaper, she will be starting an FM radio station which will be the first in the district.

According to Nnamara Radio Buhweju starts next week.

“We have everything set and the radio will hit the air waves of Buhweju which should help our people from travelling to Mbarara or Bushenyi in search of Radio stations” she said.

Annet Nnamara’s Manisfeto key elements;


1. Starting radio Buhweju to serve our people in Buhweju to stop the business of traveling to Mbarara or Bushenyi in such of radio stations

2. Starting Buhweju Farmers Union to raise the voice of farmers and increase bring opportunities to coffee, tea, livestock, bananas etc farmers

3.start Buhweju Sports Association to promote sports for youths groups

4. Build a ware house at Kashenyi and work with factories to bring goods nearer to traders to reduce prices for key household things

5. Work with Government to bring more resources at the district and improve roads, electricity, water, healthcare and education.

6.Bring telecom masts in areas where network is still a big problem especially in Bistsya, Karungu and Bihanga sub county.

7.Support women groups by lobbying government funding and organizing emishomo to provide knowledge on how to create wealth using talent by working with Enterprise Uganda for Buhweju chapter. Same for the youths.

8. Mobilisation of friends and connections with neighboring districts and beyond to pick lessons and use them for Buhweju people to develop

9. Present a motion in Parliament to have a Woman District Fund of 200M per annum to support their initiatives for developing ideas. This will help Women MPs to sensitize the youths and women on Enterprise growth and development.

10.Provide support to best performing students across district.

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