Bahati launches food security in Ndorwa West

David Bahati, the state minister for Finance, Planning and Economic Development has launched the house hold food security project at the village, level dubbed, “binga enjara owawe”

Bahati launched the project on Saturday in Butanda Sub County in Kabale District where he supplied five sacks of Irish potatoes to every village for multiplication.

The Minister said the five sacks will be planted in one chosen village garden then later on harvest , part of the money from the harvest will be saved and the remaining harvested Irish potatoes will planted again.

Among other items he donated included, garden sprayers and promised to provide manure in a bid to have big yields.

He added the project will be mainly monitored by Women leaders from every parish working hand in hand with the district agricultural extension officers who will guide on best practices of Irish growing.

Earlier Bahati said his team recently did a feasibility and pilot study in sub counties of Mwendo and Kitumba where it the project was successful and as a result food security and incomes have tremendously improved at household level.

Speaking to this reporter ,one of the beneficially and the area district Woman Councilor ,Roy Zikampereza , said many women in Ndorwa West will support Bahati who has supported development and unity in the constituency.

In a related development, the Parish Pastor Kasheregyenyi Church of Uganda Rev.Henry Ndenga has praised Bahati for supporting the Christians of Kasheregyenyi towards the construction of the Church.

Rev. Ndenga made the statement after Bahati delivered 300 plastic chairs he had pledged. They will support the Kasheregyenyi church of Uganda gardens (Leisure facility which is like a hotel) which will generate income for the church.
The church leaders in turn also blessed him and prayed that he is re-elected as MP come 2021 parliamentary polls. The minister was also given a chair which is a sign of leadership. Parishioners also pledged to support him in campaigns.

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