Bushenyi Politician Dan Matsiko who wants to challenge President Museveni in 2026 elections.; check his political journey

Who is Matsiko Dan?

Dan Matsiko is a Ugandan born in Kashogashoga, Rubingo , Kitwe parish Kyeizooba sub county  in Igara East constituency, Rwentuha town council – Bushenyi district.

Dan Matsiko is  the former  Forum For Democratic Change  (FDC) Party Presidential Candidate in 2017. He is the former FDC senior External Mobiliser and spokesperson from the First FDC Party External Chapter in Southern Africa countries based in Pretoria -Johannesburg, South Africa.    Dan Matsiko is also a founder board  member of Uganda Civil Alliance Network (UCAN) based in the Diaspora and he served as the UCAN Freedom Youth Coordinator  while in exile in South Africa. Dan Matsiko worked  as the  senior  Credit Sales Consultant and  Manager  with South African National Credit providers  like Bridge  finance  Company  and SA Loans  company  which was affiliated to ABSA  bank   limited  South Africa.

Before Matsiko Dan returned to Uganda for good, he was the serving Chairman of   Association of  Ugandans living  and working in Southern African Countries (AUSA) , The Ugandan community in South Africa 2010- 2015.

Dan Matsiko is also the founder member and current national  leader of The New Form of Thinking (NFT) Uganda.

NFT-Uganda is a political Pressure group created  in 2015 to champion good governance, rule of law and constitutionalism  underpinned by respect for  human rights and development  in the country , Uganda .

Mr. Matsiko Dan is  the  son of a former coffee buyer, trained    Agriculture extension officer  ,employee of  The  defunct Coffee Marketing Board  (CMB) at Bugolobi – Kampala, Church of Uganda (COU) Reverend. Canon   late Alfred Ruhonoka Batesaki (My Biological father)  and  late Mrs. Joy Sanyu Batesaki (Biological Mother) of Kashogàshoga Village  Local Council  one (LC1).  Matsiko Dan joined Makerere University 1998/1999 academic intake  admitted to study Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) majoring in Economics, Political Science and Sociology, a three year course study. Earlier  Dan Matsiko completed his national diploma  in in  Business Education(BUSED) at Nkozi National Teachers’ College,  Mpigi district,  attended Kampala Senior  Secondary School  (UACE 1998), Old Kampala senior secondary  school , St. Peters’ Secondary School Nsambya (UCE), Ruyonza school Bushenyi, Ntindà  Primary  school- next to UNEB headquarters in Kampala, Nyamitooma primary School, Bumbaire Primary School, Kamayiba Primary  school near Kilembe copper mine in Kàsese,  Rubingo Primary school (PLE) – Bushenyi.

Then  Dan Matsiko while studying  actively participated  in both University students’  leadership  and national politics at the time seeking  for political & social reforms. While in second year at the University studying he was one of the  university students that joined Elect Col. retired Dr.Kizza Besigye  national task force housed at Crest House Building  Opposite Uganda Railways Corporation in 2000-2001 elections as a student leader and national Coordinator in central region.

Dan  Matsiko worked closely with Mr. Byamukama, Amanda Magambo, Major Okwir Rwabooni, Major Salambwa, Mr. Tumushabe Joseph-(research desk), Mr. Frank Byaruhanga (National mobilisation desk),  late James Opoka( Former Guild President of Makerere University),   Lawyer Yusuf Nsibambi (Legal Reform Agenda),late  Owekitibwa Kamala Kanamwanje (Education minister- Buganda Kingdom), Late National Coordinator  Reform Agenda  Louis Otiika, Anthony Byanyima, Hon.Winnie Babihuga,  Hon.Winnie Byanyima  and many others in setting up the initial office of Reform Now that later came to be known as Reform Agenda post 2001 in  Kampala at Crest House  and nationwide.

As a student leader, my prime role was to reach out to majority students in all Universities and colleges in this country. Our mobilisation work took us to all key institutions of higher learning relaying the message of Reform Now and campaigning for our national leader and presidential candidate  Dr. Kizza Besigye. During that national  campaign, apart from Makerere University, we moved to Mbale Islamic University, Uganda Martyrs University Nkozi, NTCs Kyambogo , Mubende, Nkozi , Muni,  Kakoba Mbarara, Kabale  and others influencing students to support and vote Presidential candidate Dr.Kizza Besigye in 2001 elections.

The 2000/2001 elections  in Uganda  seriously interrupted many scholars, families, lives of active Ugandans who welcomed and campaigned for the Reform Agenda presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye. Dan Matsiko’s degree course was also abruptly halted by the brutal and hostile reaction from  the government of Yoweri Museveni at the time.  Many reform cadres were arrested, detained without trial, some were held incommunicado in  safe(torture) houses, a  good number of our comrades were killed by the security forces during and after  elections that were marred by deadly violence and harassment of political opponents plus  supporters.

Dan Matsiko

Exile Life:

After 2001, life in Uganda for  majority young and old pro democracy activists was made unbearable  by the Yoweri Museveni NRM regime.

Many of my contemporaries, 20 years ago were labelled People’s Redemption Army (PRA) rebels and hunted down like wild  animals. My life was saved by the Reform Agenda Research guru- coordinator and former Makerere University Senior lecturer Mr.Joseph Tumushabe using Reform Agenda contact  at the ministry of internal affairs of  Uganda : immigration office after the violent elections, we tried to evade brutal security raids at our known and unknown residences .

Prior to elections, we were ambushed by armed gunmen ( CMI soldiers) in Kampala city and thank God we survived the assassination attempt but  with serious wounds from the assassination attempt  and serious  beatings.  Our mobilisation chief Frank Byaruhanga ( Currently living in Texas in the US) was arrested and many of us taken to safe(torture) houses. I was one of  the  lucky ones  to be released without trial and set free but very traumatized after being tortured for my political belief in Reform Agenda programmes . The immediate and safest way was to flee into exile for dear life . I quickly called  Mr. Joseph Tumushabe and he linked me to the ministry of  internal affairs  Reform Agenda contact person Mr. Karekyezi, I think  Mr.Karekyezi  was  the  Passport Control Officer at the time  and I quickly applied for my passport in  mid 2002 got it late  the same year .

I left the country through Malaba border point to Nairobi , where I lived for a few months but  Kenya became too unsafe as several disappearances and killings of renegade Ugandans was very common.

While in Nairobi, I joined the Reform Agenda External wing and I was deployed  as an envoy

and mandated  to travel to Zanzibar, Zambia ,  Botswana, South  Africa and Angola to coordinate and create chapters of Reform Agenda the very  nucleus of FDC party  in 2005. I returned just a few months to 2006 elections  to Uganda to actively be part of the of the struggle for democracy here  through the ballot. After 2006  election, which again had a lot of malpractices, I had unfinished business of mobilisation abroad so they  made me to return into exile and this time it was to ensure the new party FDC we created  in 2004/2005 ahead of 2006 grows externally.

Majority of Reform cadres and supporters took up membership of the new FDC  party and we got almost 60 members of Parliament there by becoming the Official opposition party since 2006    todate. We  worked extremely hard fundraising for FDC abroad moving from country to country meeting diaspora Ugandans and in 2010, I again came back  with Ms Sentabire Winnie  in the country to represent the Diaspora community in the 2011 general elections . The election results were not free and fair and in 2012 , I joined comrade  Jawal Masaba of Canada and we formed Friends of Uganda (FOU) 2012. We did alot of global mobilisation abroad and even appeared severally in global or international media houses and publications like The Pretoria  newspaper, The sowetan newspaper,   The citizen newspaper .co.za and others like   BBC, SABC,  SAfm , London Evening news(post) , The American Blackstar news paper and Austrarian newspapers , etc…. Google Dan Malcom Matsiko   and others.

Our  struggle activities were coordinated by Ugandans At Heart Community (UAH) platform  . I was based in South Africa but traversing the world fundraising and mobilising diaspora Ugandans.  In 2014, I called all my close  comrades  and friends for a birthday party , the   meeting  was in  a Pretoria hotel conference hall  and I boldly  told them that   my decision to return to Uganda for good was irreversible.  Many resisted  the decision bitterly and told me to first write my death will before thinking of returning to Uganda under Yoweri Museveni. I agreed to write the  will but insisted on coming back to Uganda and  be part of the broader solution to the thorny challenges of  our  motherland . I finally bid farewell to exile life  , friends , comrades and came to Uganda in 2015 to politically take on and challenge  using the ballot the military  bush war  generals both in  the FDC  political party and in the ruling party NRM.

Dan Matsiko

In 2016, I attempted to challenge the four bush warlords, Yoweri Museveni, John Patrick Amama Mbabazi, Gregory Mugisha Muntu and Dr. Warren Kizza  Besigye   but the Museveni controlled  9th parliament passed late  presidential and parliamentary  laws making it extremely harder for new comers to contest on a level playing field in the 2016  February general elections.

My  promoters and  supporters held a meeting and advised that we should join FDC’s party  flag bearer Dr.Kizza Besigye and bolster his campaign for Presidency . I did   heed to their advice and withdrew my candidature for the  FDC’s presidential candidate and flag bearer Dr. Kizza  Besigye .

We called upon all our supporters to rally behind  Dr. Kizza Besigye but he failed to translate  the massive votes into victory by taking state power after the polls.

In 2017, I and two other contenders got nominated by the FDC  Party  national electoral  commission as  party Presidential candidates and we  traversed the whole  country calling for the then Party leader  an ex army  chief and  former bush warlord Major Gen.  Mugisha Muntu to be denied a second term as  FDC party CEO.  The 7th FDC national conference delegates affirmatively  answered our clarion  call. We finally had our mission accomplished at Namboole sports  stadium. Surprisingly ,  still the victory team ( Team Amuriat /Besigye)  chose to fall in the very  trap of previous FDC Presidents. In- active leadership and elitist leadership style  have  since  forced us to consult, listen and seek the views and aspirations of  Ugandans . The process that has since led Matsiko Dan  to offer a better political narrative ( NFT-Uganda  )  in the impending 2021 presidential elections.

Dan Matsiko is number 29 on the register of EC cleared Presidential contenders and my election key  message in my manifesto  is premised on Operation Restore Sanity in the System (ORSS) throughout  the country 2021. Welcome to the Thirty  (30) point program writeup that outlines what Dan Matsiko will do for Ugandans once mandated to lead the country as President  by majority Ugandan voters.


Dan Matsiko  , the sanity Presidential hopeful of Uganda 2021-2026.

From May 11, 2021 -currently  Mr.Dan Matsiko became the legitimate  promoter and first party leader of National Thinkers  (NT) party  in Uganda as the new   party was officially given a stamp of approval  by Electoral Commission to consult Ugandans for meaningful change and sustainable development underpinned by human rights and democracy. Nationalism and Inclusivity plus pan Afrikanism credentials are the main core principles of our party. Welcome to NT party dear members from now going forward.

I thank you.




For God and my country.

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