The 11th Parliament should strengthen emyooga funds for social- economic transformation of Uganda, an opinion of Igambirine

We have seen members of 11th Parliament coming back to their Constituencies on recess to evaluate the progress of Emyooga funds and required to furnish parliament with their field findings. The government recommends each Constituency to have 18 groups including Boda- Bodas, Journalists, Carpenters, welders , fishermen, mechanics, performing artists, veterans, produce dealers, Salon operators, market […]

Youths at risk to gender based violence, an opinion of Brian Tumwakire a student doctor

Gender-based violence (GBV) is a global health and human rights issue with individual and social determinants. Youth are considered high risk all over the globe and particularly here in Uganda. National influences include norms, policies and practices. By age, nation, and region, I contrast key GBV indicators, specifically intimate partner violence (IPV) and forced sexual […]

Office of the President shares contacts for the public to report impostors promising jobs for money information shared by Eng. Idri Kiiza

  The Minister for Presidency, Milly Babalanda has widened the net to catch impostors fleecing the public with fake deployment promises. The ministry had been concerned about widespread complaints to her office that unscrupulous people posing as State House and President’s office agents and staff have been milking money from unsuspecting people promising to get […]

Muhoozi Project 2026 task force: NRM Youth shares Muhoozi’s information in an opinion

INTRODUCTION; We are proud patriotic Ugandans organized and disciplined force to support, develop, campaign and promote the Name of our beloved  Gen. Muhoozi for the 2026 presidential aspirant seat. *Who is Gen. Kainerugaba Muhoozi (in photo above) ? Gen.Muhoozi Kainerugaba was born on [24th April 1974] in Tanzania Dar el salaam. He is A general […]