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Pastor Kayanja condemns Ndeeba Church demolition

Pastor Robert Kayanja has attacked the tycoon who is behind the demolition of St Peter’s church Ndeeba which is situated in Kampala.

President Yoweri Museveni in photo when he visited the church recently in photo above . He promised that the government will lead in its reconstruction.

during a church service on Channel 44, Kayanja the senior Pastor of Miracle Centre cathedral, last night said Christians should cry to God to make quick vengeance on the person who attacked the church to pull down its building recently.

He said it was a shame that people can dare to attack the church but said that fact that the cross on the church building was not pulled down means that the Ndeeba church will remain.

“You have heard of Hitler who killed many people in German, where is his family? He asked.

He said people who commit crimes because they want to be wealthy or for other selfish reasons are usually punished by God and their families are cursed because of the actions of their parents.

Pastor Kayanja who gave several examples some of his life experience in ministry when he was attacked wrongfully,  said God will always pay those who are greedy and want to attack others but stressed that those who attack the church are punished by God quickly.

He said the best way to receive riches is to pursue them in a Godly way and that when God blesses you the blessing remains.

President Yoweri Museveni who visited the church recently promised that the government will lead in its reconstruction.

The church has been in existence there for over 40 years. Dovo a businessman is accused of harassing the church and first razed the church school in the same place a few months ago. The enraged public waits to see what the government will do to punish the officials who were involved in the eviction especially Uganda Police.


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