Sack our SDA western Uganda bishop – —Leaders

Leaders and Christians of Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church from western Uganda want their bishop Bernard Bampata sacked.
A section of leaders accused him of allegedly embezzling and mismanaging church projects funds and for allowing fake weddings to be made in SDA churches in western Uganda.
Charles Byensi led a group of over 30 disgruntled leaders from the five districts (in the SDA hierarchy) of western Uganda who met Elder Frank Kigundu at the SDA union headquarters in Makerere, Kampala.
“We are asking you to remove Bishop/ Pastor Bampata or we force him out. Under his leadership the church has been thrown in chaos” Byensi said.

He and others said they are tired of the Union headquarters which has not addressed their grievances concerning Bishop Bampata.
Juliet Tusigwire whose husband was married off to Sarah Ahari complained to Elder Kiguddu about having been abandoned by her husband.
“I have four kids with Amos Nuwagaba who was recently married to Sarah at gun point in the SDA church. All this things are happening under Bishop Bampata leadership and watch.
We pray that the Union of SDA church and government help us” Tusigwire added.
Wilson Nuwagira a church elder and leader based at Ruhanga said under Bishop Bampata schools and other church projects were getting to the dogs.
He said the bishop and his leadership has promoted corruption, mismanagement of church funds and projects whose funds remain un accounted for.
“We are disappointed with the headquarters where we have reported Pastor Bampata cases and he is not being punished” Byesi said.
Kiguddu fixed 10th October, 2019 to visit Ishaka SDA church where they will hold a meeting to find a solution for the problems.The SDA President Daniel Matte is expected to attend the meetings.
Matte did not attend the meeting but a written petition was passed on to be handed over to him for action. The leaders were first ignored but when they called in the press were given audience.

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