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The youth MP Central Region NRM flag bearer elections; Nameere Justine’s opinion

Thank you so much everyone for the contribution you made to help me during my campaigns for Youth MP Central Region. Yesterday we had the NRM Flag bearer elections with polling stations in 30 districts, considering each of the 30 districts had an independent polling station.
Commander Team Tetema is very grateful she introduced a proper leadership alternative to the youth!

Team Tetema was happy to be led by Nameere Justine who refused to be controlled and manipulated by people with wrong intentions towards the youth and the NRM, hiding under the terms “youth king makers, bla bla, blah”. That is the approach Nameere chose and she is very proud of this choice.

Justine in photo above

The beginning of the clean up of youth politics is the involvement of resilient independent minded youth like Nameere Justine.

Many voters were intimidated especially those still struggling and chasing positions in their localities or regionally or nationally, just because the so called “youth king makers” have told them “if you vote or support Nameere or so and so you wait for us and see!” Bla bla….but trust me, it is great justice for youth politics to have independent minded people like those being fought because eventually the clean up will happen! I pray everyday for the youth of Buganda to have effective representation in a Buganda Youth MP.

Unfortunately the voting criteria is usually “the highest bidder takes it all” coupled with so much intimidation of voters by a small clique who claim they are the king makers in youth politics.

They don’t stop at intimidating voters but also black mail candidates who do not operate under their control and manipulation. Sadly they tend to fight the best and most committed young people! The general picture is a few youth asking for lots of money from candidates and they vote the highest bidder, whatever happens next, whether the winner will serve the youth or not, they don’t care! A good message, a good manifesto, a potential leader, all does not matter to them, it is about money!

This is very unfortunate because it denies potential good leaders a chance to serve the youth and Uganda at large! It also denies the youth in Buganda a chance to have a good Youth MP and effective representation.

Otherwise I am very grateful to you all for all the support, love and advice you accorded me. My dear voters I bless you and I will never forget you because I never forget! My dear family thank you for standing by me to the greatest extent! My dear friends and well wishers thanks for the assistance, prayers, words of affirmation and all the kindness! In a special way I thank the Almighty God for being so merciful and kind towards me! I never walk alone even for a minute, God is always by my side, holding my hand and leading me to where he has the best plans for me.

My dear ever loving and energetic Team Tetema (Team Nameere), you are still the one! We shall be a great team, friends and comrades forever! God bless you all.

 Nameere Justine

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