Bishop Bagamuhunda retires, makes great achievements

As Christians from the  Diocese of Kigezi in greater Kabale District come to teams that, their hard working Bishop George Bagamunda has asked for early retirement,many are wondering if they will ever get a similar replacement.

He recently told the that his both the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda had accepted his request of taking an early retirement due to poor health.

Bagamuhunda was consecrated Bishop of Kigezi Diocese in 2014 and replaced Bishop George Katwesigye.

At his consecration eight years ago, Bishop Bagamuhunda said that his reign will not only stop at feeding the spiritual needs but will also address the physical needs of Christians in the Diocese.

Eight years down the road, Christians have come out to accept that, indeed Bishop Bagamuhunda was God’s sent servant to the Diocese since he has transformed it.

Bishop Bagamuhunda at one of the complex building he is putting up for the Diocese

According to the Kigezi Diocesan Secretary , Can Reverend Erasimus Turyatunga, Christians in the Diocese are going to miss a dedicated and hard working servant of God.

Rev. Turyatunga said that the last eight years of the leadership of Bishop Bagamuhunda,the Diocese of Kigezi has archived so much in terms of spiritual,social and economical development beating achievements of the leaders he placed when all added up.

” When you count the archivements and the blessings that  God has given to the Christians of Kigezi Diocese in the last eight years,you will realise that they surpass all the works of the previous Dioceasan administrations and leaderships “said Rev. Turyatunga.

Bishop Bagamuhunda and his team at one of the buildings that he has constructed

Canon Bruce Kyerere,the Diocesan Counselor said it will be hard for Christians in the Diocese to get Bishop Bagamuhunda’s replacement with potential to deliver.

The following are some of the spiritual,social and physical achievements that the Diocese has registered Bishop Bagamuhunda in the last eight years.

Bishops House;

The  construction of an eight bed roomed mansion to house the Bishop’s family, was completed in 2016 at a cost of  right hundred million shillings.and most of the contribution came from Christians and friends of the Diocese.

The Rugarama Nursing School;

When Bagamuhunda took over the mantle of the Diocese, Rugarama Nursing and Midwifery Nursing School was in it’s infant stages.

Eight years down the road, the Nursing School has  churned out hundreds of Health workers and currently ,has an enrollment of 300 students.

According to the  Principal Rugarama School Nursing and Midwifery, Catherine Atuheire, the school which had been offering Certificates will soon introduce Diploma courses in different nursing fields.

Commercial buildings in Kabale Municipality;

Under Bishop Bagamuhunda, the Diocese of Kigezi has initiated the Construction of a  number of Commercial buildings  in Kabale Municipality that will altimately contribute to the income of the Diocese.

Early 2021, the Archbishop of Church of Uganda ,His Grace Stephen Kazimba Mugalu commisioned the construction of a mega three storied structure that house a 16 rooms shopping Mall and residential apartments for the clergy and staff of the All Saints Church in the middle of Kabale City.

Bishop Bagamuhunda points at one of the buildings that he has constructed for the Diocese

Other projects that were initiated by Bishop Bagamuhunda include among others; a Fuel Petrol station in Hamurwa Town Council, the construction of a  12 self-contained  apartment building near Kabale Primary School that will, raise money to support Women’s program’s, in the Diocese.

Early this year , Archbishop Kazimba, was invited again in the Diocese to inaugurate yet another milestone in the Diocese,The Revival FM Radio.

Stephen Rupiiha,the Station Manager Revival FM Radio said the main objective of the Radio is to spread the Gospel as well as generate income for the the Diocesan projects.

The FM Radio is based at Rugarama Hill and broadcasts both spiritual and secular Programs. The FM covers Southwesten Uganda, some parts of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Water and Sanitation Project;

Before assuming the office of the Bishop, Bagamuhunda working with others was the engine of the Diocesan Water and Sanitation Project that has increased people’s access to clean Water from 42% to the current 85% .

Similarly because of the availability of clean Water ,the water borne diseases among the Children and the elderly, have dropped from 85% to 15% in the last few years.

In the last fews years , the Diocese of Kigezi with support from the European based Tear Fund, has been able to construct 32 Gravity Water Schemes in the six Districts of the South Western Uganda. Its estimated that 1.8 million residents and Institutions in the region have access to Gravity water that was constructed by the Diocese of Kigezi.

Revival ministry.

Kigezi Diocese and the entire region is considered to be the cradle of the Revival of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the Ministry in the Church of Uganda.

According to ,Johnson Munono Barintuma, the Head of Laity Diocese of Kigezi, the Revival Ministry started in 1935 on Rugarama hill in the Diocese and able to spread to all parts of Uganda and abroad.

“To commemorate this historical event, Bishop Bagamuhunda initiated the Construction of a memorial building near the Revival Convention site , as sign that Kigezi Diocese is reaching out with the gospel of Jesus Christ “ said Barintuma Munoono.

Bishop Bagamhunda Biography;

Bishop Bagamhunda was born in 1958 at Katerere in the Nyanweru sub county, currently in Rubanda District.

Bagamuhunda started his education at Kateretere Primary School in the same subcounty and joined Kigezi College Butobere for secondary Education.

Bishop Bagamuhunda later was sent by the late Bishop Festo Kivengere ,to Mokono Theological College where he was ordened as an Anglican priest.

After his ordination ,Bagamuhunda was posted to Muhanga Secondary School ad a Chaplain where he served for sometime.

Having initiated the Water and Sanitation Project ,Bagamuhunda was sent to the United Kingdom,  to study Water Engineering and later returned to the head the Kigezi Dioceasan Water and Sanitation Program up to 2006 when he was appointed Provincial Cordinator  for Planning and Development in the Anglican Church of Uganda.

Prior to being appointed Bishop, Bagamhunda also served for five years as Provincial Secretary Church of Uganda.

Bishop Bagamuhunda is married to Mama Chris Bagamuhunda and the two are blessed with four children.


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