GBV activism; I feel safe, happy and appreciated. I am a new Mave”

“My name is Neema Mave, I am 20 years old and a single mother of a two and a half years old girl. Currently, I live with my aunt and her three children in block 7 Waibuga Maratatu D, in Kyangwali settlement. In Jan 2018, while I was in our garden in the Democratic Republic […]

Do not stigmatise HIV positive people – Namutebi Elizabeth

Magara Darious the Managing Editor of had a Q&A interview with Namutebi Ruth Elizabeth an HIV positive living lady. She speaks her story of how she has suffered from stigmatization as a result of disclosing her HIV status.  Her photos are  bellow and with clients and work a) WHO ARE YOU? Namutebi Ruth Elizabeth […]

Muganzi Medard vows to make Igara East Great again

The managing Editor of Darious) caught up with Igara East  MP Aspirant Mr.  Muganzi Medard for a Q&A interview about his plans for Igara East Constituency, Bushenyi district and here are excerpts. Qn: Who is Medard Muganzi? Ans:  Iam an adult, born on the 7th October 1976 to Joy and Enock Bitakweitse in Kyeigombe […]


NWSC Boss Dr Eng. Silver Mugisha in photo above.  He gave online newspaper an interview on the corporations preparedness to fight Covid:19 Water is a critical input in preventing the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 because it is essential for hand washing. The MD of National Water and Sewerage Dr Eng. Silver Mugisha answers frequently […]

My son who had Corona virus has been cured- Dr. Magufuli

Tanzania’s President John Magufuli (in photo above) has said the economy is “more important than the threat posed by coronavirus”, adding that he wants to reopen the country for tourism despite warnings that Africa could face the next wave of the disease. Magufuli also has said that his own child contracted Covid-19, but recovered quickly […]