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Can FDC Party snatch the Buhweju Woman MP seat in 2021 polls?

Can FDC snatch the Buhweju Woman MP seat in 2021 polls?

The Buhweju Woman MP Oliver Katwesigye Koyekyenga is an independent but National Resistance Movement (NRM) party leaning and she is seeking re-election but what remains un clear is whether she will again contest in the NRM party primaries soon.

Katwesigye contested and lost the last party primaries to Alosious Byamukama. Both Katwesigye and Byamukama are contesting the seat and may again face off in the party primaries soon.

Besides the battles in the NRM party, Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party has fronted a candidate one Evath Kafureeka who has been on the ground and on social and other media platforms politicking.

She is simply a tough and outspoken politicians who criticizes the negative policies government policies and wrong actions of the NRM party.

Kafureeka and Dr Kiiza Besigye in photo above

Who is Evath Kafureeka?

Kafureeka is an FDC candidate who has contested and lost in the past for the same seat though she then contested as an NRM candidate.  She is a married woman.

She told the eastafricanwach.net managing editor that she last year crossed to the FDC party where she was welcomed by the FDC party founder and Leader Dr. Kiiza Besigye. And that she is happy as an FDC politician and MP aspirant.

“President Yoweri Museveni promised me a farm, cows and a job but failed or refused to deliver them. His promise has never been fulfilled to date and yet his donation should have benefited the youth”  Kafureeka said.

She said the NRM party leaders are not genuine and straight forward and that corruption was crashing the NRM party as a cancer and said voting FDC will cause the desired change.

What does Kafureeka want to do for Buhweju and what are her chances?

“We have a lot of domestic violence against women, family and child neglect by men and alcoholism which have wreaked families. I want to see how they can be solved” she said.

She said there is a lot of youth un employment which she hopes to address if elected MP. She said has been doing, will fight corruption.

“People like me because of being outspoken and I think FDC can still win the Woman MP seat. I come with all this values to work for the good of Buhweju” she said.

Hon Koyekyenga in a photo above. she faces stiff competition from FDC’s Evath Kafureeka

“And when Hon Mwijukye was elected MP for Buhweju, people expressed that they can vote for any one as long as he or she is good. I am a good FDC leader and I am asking the people of Buhweju to vote me to Parliament early next year, ” she added.

Kafureeka said her other advantages are that her late Father Apollo Kafureeka was prominent and loved and he missed narrowly to be elected MP for Buhweju some time before his death and the electorate have been waiting for a chance to pay back by voting Apollos child. The photo of Hon Koyekyenga bellow

Who is Oliver Katwesigye?

She is a married woman who was born 14th November 1975.  She is also a business woman and an NRM party leaning MP according to information got from the parliamentary website.

Katwesigye has not been active in Parliament in terms of debate but has contributed to some projects in the constituency but her presence in parliament has not be substantive. Efforts to reach her were futile as she did not take our calls.

Mean while some voters said they are ready to vote for change. “We brought in Katwesigye  deliver , we thought she would work but she has failed” Kyomugisha said.

Annet Twine said “Hon Koyekyenga has led enough and its time we elect a new leader and Kafureeka seems the right person we shall vote”.


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