END TEENAGE PREGNANCY a poem by Ino the jurist

Teens are the future leaders
Heaven’s burry you alive
Cremate your body to dust
You vagabond mongrel better dead
Haunting innocent souls for personal gain
I cast you to hell to burn for eternity
If you’re here to ruin teenagers

Lost are our human feelings
Swept away like thin smoke in the air
Cutting flowers before
Blooming their buds
Cutting short bright
Lives that hold our future
Destiny killer and vampire you are

Allow small girls to grow
Before you give them away
Make them see reason
For living in this life
Loving the blessings that
Comes with being a girl
Show the world her
Escarpment and hills
Lush grass cover her unique parts
Save her from these lust
Nitwit heartless rapists

Tuswaleko teenage
Pregnancy is evil and immoral
Embrace systematic transformation
Allow their fruits to
Mature and gain sweet taste
You won’t need to salt
Her skin to extract her juice
Protect our children from
The vultures of child marriage
From the vultures of early pregnancies
There’s still hope for these teenagers
Wake up everyone let’s end
Teenage pregnancy and
Prove to the world girl child
Holds so strong for our dear nation.

©INNO’s’s Ink Pen


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