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Hon. Henry Musasizi is fit for another term as MP for Rubanda East

Hon. Henry Musasizi is the Member of Parliament Rubanda County East, Kigezi Sub Region. In Parliament, he heads the Finance Committee and has worked ably well using his proficiency as a Certified Accountant.

The Eastafricanwatch.net managing Editor(Magara Darious) caught up with him to capture some of his achievements moments after he was nominated and cleared to contest for the Rubanda East Parliamentary seat of Rubanda District. He was nominated mid this week and will be contesting in the NRM party primaries. His achievements below cover some of his contributions in the constituency and he has worked at National level in his capacity as the Chairperson of the Finance committee of Parliament;

Hon Henry Musasizi meets constituents in photo above. He has done a lot for his people in Rubanda District.

1: He handed over five computers to St Adrian’s Seminary – Rubanda to help students in the study of Information Communication Technology.

2:He joined the people of Nyamiyaga parish in Bubare Sub county for Community service.

3 He commissioned the construction of Kacwekano – Kiraro – Kyabahinga – Road. It has been the cry of residents to have the road worked on, once completed it will help people to transport their agricultural products to markets. The road is funded by the ministry of works and transport under my initiative.

The following are some of the key accomplishments in the constituency already

1.Supported health centres with maternal beds.

2.Supported health centres with solar systems.

3.Lobbied for Mpungu health Centre 11upgrade to health centre 111 and contributed sh5million towards purchase of land where the OPD was constructed

4.Purchased land for Bigungiro health centre 11

5.Roofed Kagarama health centre 11

  1. Supported construction of Hakishenyi health centre 11 in Kakyenaga

7.Supported construction of Kakore health centre 111

8.Constructed a kitchen at Kabisha health 11 work 5m

9.Supported St Johns. Secondary School to be taken over by Government

10 Supported construction of main hall at Nyamweru Sec. School

11.Supported construction of laboratory at Kibuzigye Secondary. School

12.Helped Kibuzigye Secondary school to get ‘O’ level centre number

13.Contributed computers to all secondary schools in the constituency

14.Contributed to construction of ST. Xavier primary school in Kakore

15 Constructed bridges in various roads in the constituency

16.Supported various Burungi bwasi activities in the constituency

17.Helped some communities to open roads using personal money

18.Lobbied for CAAIP roads in Hamurwa

19.Have helped Rubanda District increase its budget from 16bn to 24bn this financial year. Part of this money is working on the road network in the constituency

20.Supported extension of water in a number of areas in Bubare and Bigungiro Nyamweru

21.Supported construction of various water springs in the constituency

22 Supported Bataka associations with saucepans and other items

23.Contributed PLE exams and mattress to the children who get 1st grade

24 Supported all churches in the constituency

Hon Henry Musasizi after he was nominated mid this week at the NRM secretariat by Tanga Odoi the NRM electoral Boss in Kampala in photo above.
  1. Lobbied for extension of Electricity in the constituency ie Nyamweru,Hamurwa and Kitojo Bubare.

26.Regularly travels to the constituency to interact with constituents on development agenda

Besides the developments above which Musasizi has made with the locals of Rubanda East he has not been sectarian locals said.

“Hon Musasizi serves all people and all religions, he is not sectarian but he is also very key to the catholic church and he link the Kabale Diocese to the central government and its known fact that he is a close friend of President Yoweri Museveni” Mugisha a voter said.

“What Hon David Bahati is to Kigezi Diocese linking it to the President is what exactly Hon Musasizi is for Kabale Diocese and he has worked so we shall return him” Mugisha added.

Kembabazi and others who talked to our reporter said they will return Musasizi since he has worked and he is even delivering as a national leader.

After Nomination, Hon Musasizi said “I again offer my self-following a request of our people that I continue to serve and lead them as their MP, together we shall make more efforts to fight poverty”

Musasizi will face Jogo the local LC5 chairman for Rubanda in the NRM primaries among others

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