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I have worked; we shall win again Buhweju Woman MP Seat (2021) -Hon. Oliver Katwesigye

The Buhweju Woman MP Hon. Oliver Katwesigye Koyekyenga has responded to her critics and opponents saying she has delivered for the people of Buhweju and appealed voters to support her re-election bid in 2021 national polls.

“Because I have worked I will fight with the support of our people and win the NRM party flag and then contest the Buhjwju Woman MP seat in 2021 polls”

Hon Oliver Koyekyenga talks to constituents in photo above

She said they will again defeat the FDC party candidate Evarth Kafureeka who she said she had defeat in two rounds.

“For Kafureeka now that she had joined FDC, we shall defeat her more and its un fortunate that she tells lies that President Yoweri Museveni pledged and didn’t deliver what he promised her” she said.

Speaking to the Eastafricanwatch.net online newspaper from her office at Parliament, she ka

“Truth be told, she(Kafureeka) sold both of them; land and the cows and it’s unfortunate that she is going around tarnishing the Presidents name, but we shall defeat her again” Koyekyenga stated.

Koyekyenga may face Kafureeka, Alosious Byamukama who won the last NRM primaries against Koyekyenga. The incumbent is an independent but National Resistance Movement (NRM) party leaning.  But Kafureeka asserts that the ground is ripe for change.

Hon Oliver K. Koyekyenga celebrates wining a medal in photo above

Here are some of Hon. Oliver Katwesigye achievements while in Parliament.

1. Road Unit:
• Lobbied for a road unit machinery to the District.
• Bwoga – Katinda – Kibarya upgraded to 1st class marrum.
2. Water Projects:
• Kyenjogyera water Project
• Bihanga water Project
• Rubara Water Project.
• Kamukakyi water project
• At least 77% of the people in Buhweju can access piped water
3. Electricity :
• Kyankanda – Bwoga – Katinda – Kibrya electricity line
• Karungu – Tumu Hospital
• Nyakishana – bushozi – Engaju sub county
• Atleast 50% of the sub-counties have access to hydro electricity
4. Health:
• Ultra – sound scan has improved maternal health from 42% to 90%
• We have worked with Reproductive Health Uganda and Maistopes Uganda and District Health teams to do Women cancer screening which has benefited alot women in the district.
• Lobbying for health centers Engaju H/C , Mushasha H/C
• Distribution of medical equipment and tools, 2 ambulances, wheel chairs for the disabled, training women on food and nutrition.

Hon Oliver K. Koyekyenga with a girls sports club in her constituency in photo above

Education sector:
• 150 beneficiaries in tertiary institutions.
• Donations to good performing pupils at UPE
• Fundraising for schools
• Lobbying for more government aided schools like Engaju SS and Bushozi SS.
6. Social groups:
• Over 270 women groups have benefited from AKABOKISI project
• Skilling of youth with skilling equipment. Like carpentry, tailoring, metal fabrication, mechanics and electricians.
• We have requested grants for the elderly, they will soon start getting monthly allowance.
7. Agriculture:
• We have worked with government through its agencies like NAADS and OWC to deliver Beans, Maize, Livestock and so many others to the people of Buhweju.
• We have delivered hoes and other materials to the people of Buhweju.
8. Minerals :
• We fought for the rights of the local miners who were being exploited.
• We fought the minerals of Buhweju so that our people can gain from them.

Medical officials conducting a health camp in Buhweju district sponsored by Hon Oliver K. Koyekyenga. She has sponsored several free health camps in the constituency. The event is in photo above

Koyegyenga’s future plans;.
1. We are lobbying for tamac Bwizibwera-Nsiika-Bihanga-Bunyaruguru
2. Burere – Nyakitoko water project
Nyakishojwe water project
Kamukakyi water Project
3. Karungu-Bistya – Kyenjogyera-Mushasha-Buhunga line
Engaju-Marinde-Nyakaziba-Bihanga – Kashambya- Kyamahungu line
Kyahenda – Rubengye Line
4. More health centers like Kiyanja and rubengye
Upgrading subcounty health centers to health center III
5. Lobbying for job opportunities and skilling the youth, encouraging job creation, small scale industries and cartage industries.
6. Improving women groups till they get the Buhweju Women Sacco
7. Commercializing Buhweju agriculture.

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