Is MP John Kamara drinking local brew in public?

Is the Bufumbira North Constituency MP John Nizeyimana Kamara (45 years) drinking local brew in public as seen in the photo with a local calabash, or he is just taking local porridge (obushera)?
He was photographed while in the constituency and efforts to reach him for comment were futile as he was not picking his mobile phone calls.
The controversial and fairly embattled National Resistance Movement (NRM) ruling party MP is a district (Kisoro) renowned tea farmer and legislator who has clashed with several of his publics in the district. He has quite some court cases including one with Kisoro district for allegedly blocking revenue collection in the name of saving his voters from paying taxes. It is said the MP moved voters/ traders in a public market and shifted them to his own market. It is alleged that Kamara sometimes appears in public looking drunk
Because of engaging in several fights, the young legislator thinks that his public hates him, yet he provokes them to hit back. Kamara was on the spot in April this year for allegedly aiding a murder suspect to escape from police detention. He was then accused of aiding a suspect who had been detained at Kisoro Police Station in connection with the death of a 59-year-old man. Kamara was allegedly last seen with the suspect, at Cyril Maniriho’s bar in Suma Trading Centre. The suspect was later arrested.
Although some people argue that he his better off than those who are voted and return while seeking re-election.

The MP will be facing elections in the party primaries around mid-next year and general national MP polls in 2021.

Kamara is former a teacher and he campaigned from nowhere and shot to parliament where is now serving his second fiver year term. Let’s watch the space.

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