Kisoro risks being put under total lockdown – DISO

Vendors in Kisoro town market in photo above

Kisoro district is at risk of being put under total lockdown due to continuous disobeying of presidential guidelines on coronavirus prevention by residents.

The district tucked in south western Uganda and which borders with both the DR. Congo and Rwanda is at risk, according to local officials.

This was revealed today by the district internal security Officer Lt. Kyefura Asiimwe who said the district security committee had resolved to send experts in the public to gather enough evidence on how residents are continuously violating presidential and ministry of health guidelines on coronavirus prevention.

Addressing the press while representing the Resident District Commissioner, Lt Kyefura said that the district security committee will send evidence gathered from residents violating guidelines to the national task force and recommend for a total lockdown in Kisoro district.

Vendors in Kisoro town market in photo above

The DISO also accused municipal authorities on focusing only on collecting market dues and ignoring enforcement of  preventive measures among the vendors in the different markets.

He asked municipal authorities to consider putting in place washing facilities and ensure that vendors put on masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus

He asked vendors to observe preventive measures such putting on masks, wash their hands using soap and clean water, social distancing to avoid closure of the markets by authorities.

The Kisoro municipal clerk Peter Masiko acknowledged that vendors are violating presidential guidelines.

Surprisingly the Kisoro Boda Boda Riders vow to keep ferrying passengers despite ban due to Covid 19 and they face the wrath of the security personnel who want them to stop.

Speaking to the reporter,  a section of boda boda riders noted that the hard situation of poverty is forcing them to ferry passengers for survival. They insist that they are ready to lose their lives in hands of security personnel than dying from hunger.

Meanwhile, the Kisoro United Boda Operators general secretary Batamukoraho Baker appealed to Boda boda riders to desist from ferrying passengers saying it puts their lives in danger.

He also asked government to give them affordable loans to enable them start up developmental and income generating projects for survival.

“We have families and our children need fees and must be supported by government. We ask for affordable loans from Government. How do you adhere to government orders when poor , ” he stated.

Kisoro police also today impounded many motorcycles(Boda Boda operators/riders) whose riders were found ferrying passengers.

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