Mama Fina completely snatches Vision Group Journalist’s hubby

Udaya Namyalo and are children are in agony following nijja tricks that Uganda’s famous traditional healer Sophia Namutebi Alias Mama fina has used to completely divert and grab her hubby Swaleh Kimera.

The the best online newspaper in East Africa broke the news in August last year of how Mama Fina had scooped Kimera a married man who works in Sweden (Nkuba Kyeyo).

Namyalo the mother of four children to Kimera and the children are wondering what is next as the man is completely swallowed by ‘love’ from  Mama Fina with nijja tricks.

She (Namyalo) works as a senior reporter for Bukkede TV and she is based in Kampala. However her life and that of her family changed when they heard that Mama fina had snatched her husband.

As you read this Mama Fina may still be in honey moon in Sweden with Kimera. Kimera had taken some of his children to Sweden others are still in Uganda.

It is not clear when the couple may complete their love with I do vows, although it was reported some time back that Muslim faith had rejected to ‘wed’ them.

And some time back it was also said but not confirmed that they had switched religion to Christianity where they planned to be wedded.

Efforts to reach Mama Fina and her latest catch ( Kimera) for a comment were futile.

Namyalo could not be reached as well for a comment but a source from the Namyalo and Kimera family said they are planning to meet President Museveni to ask him to restrain Mama Fina from destroying Kimera’s family.


Mama Fina with Kimera in photos. She has been in a string of relationships with men which last for a few months.

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