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Muganzi Medard vows to make Igara East Great again

The managing Editor of Eastafricanwatch.net(Magara Darious) caught up with Igara East  MP

Aspirant Mr.  Muganzi Medard for a Q&A interview about his plans for Igara East Constituency, Bushenyi district and here are excerpts.

Qn: Who is Medard Muganzi?
Ans:  Iam an adult, born on the 7th October 1976 to Joy and Enock Bitakweitse in Kyeigombe A  Village, Kyeigombe parish, Kyabugimbi sub county, Igara East constituency of Bushenyi District. Kyeigombe is my birth place and country home.

Qn: What is your educational background?
Ans: I attended my primary education at Kibona Primary School and completed my Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) from Kyabugimbi Central Primary School in 1990. I then joined
Kyabugimbi Secondary School and completed my Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) at Ruyoza Secondary  School in 1994. Thereafter, I went to Mengo Senior School for A level and completed my Uganda Advanced  Certificate of Education (UACE) in 1997. I then joined Makerere University and graduated with a Degree of  Bachelor of Science in Economics with a second-class upper division.
I then went back to school and pursued a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Makerere University in 2011 and added on a Post Graduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management from Uganda Management Institute (UMI) in 2013.

Mr Muganzi talks to youths in a church service in Igara East in photo above

Qn: What’s your work experience or where have you worked?
Ans: I have20 years of practical work experience for both corporate and government service. I have worked for  Different organizations and varying environments. I worked with FINCA (MDI) Uganda Ltd, then joined UWESO and later worked with Private Sector Foundation (PSFU) Uganda between 2007 to 2010. In October 2010, I joined Rural Electrification Agency (REA) and worked there until 2015. At REA, I started as a Project Officer and rose through the ranks to become Manager Energy for Rural  Transformation (ERT).
Qn: What is your current employment and other responsibilities in society?
Ans: I am an Associate Lecturer at UMI since 2017 in the Department of Management.  I am
also a running my own private consultancy in Energy, finance, strategic& business planning and project management.
On the social part, I am a Synod member representing Kyeigombe Parish church of Uganda at the West Ankole Diocese (WAD). I am the current Chairman of Kyabugimbi Development Association (KDA) comprised of members from Kyabugimbi and Ruhumuro residing both in Kampala and in the respective sub counties.

I also sit on the Board of Kyabugimbi Development (KD) SACCO which is one of the projects of KDA. I am a Board Chairman of Hallmark Enterprises Friends SACCO, a metropolitan SACCO based in Kampala whose membership comprises of corporates cutting across the different parts of the country.

Qn: Do you have a family?
Ans: I am happily married to Esther Muganzi and we are blessed with three boys and two girls. I
am a family man and I am a very social, friendly and generous person. I have a big extended family and I have spent a great deal of my resources to shape the family; I am proud of the achievements to date.
I love to work for community empowerment and development; I believe in developing with others.

Mr Muganzi talks to constituents and youths at a sports event in Igara East in photo above

Qn: Why are you joining politics and what do you want to offer for the people of Igara East Constituency?

Ans: I have considered to join politics to make a meaningful contribution in transformation of our communities through new approaches to community development interventions. I will rally and work with patriotic people to ‘Make Igara East Great Again’.

I am standing on NRM Ticket and I will be participating in the NRM Primaries for the Party Flag Bearer. As NRM Candidate, much as we will be implementing the NRM party manifesto, let me also share with you my  four-point agenda for Igara East;

1. Effective representation –I will offer leadership of consultation and involvement; through regular and consistent Constituency Meetings, town hall consultations as  and when necessary, and will enhance research through dedicated and well facilitated Political Assistants; to
determine people’s needs and priorities and address them accordingly. I will establish an Office in the Constituency and ensure that it is accessible at all times, physical and telephone lines available 24/7.
2. Unity of our people irrespective of religion and political camp. Our people need to be assured and be confident that I will serve everyone equally irrespective of who one campaigned and voted for.

3. Improved service delivery –

  • roads (in line with government policy, I will lobby for tarmac of highway connecting Bushenyi District

to Sheema,Buhweju and Rubirizi) i.e. Nyakabrizi to Buhweju road with tee-off to Kyamuhunga through

Rumuuro; I will work closely with the Local Government leaders to ensure that all roads leading out of

Igara East are in good shape and also the feeder roads.

  • Improved health services – We will follow up and conclude the issue of Kyabugimbi HCIV to be elevated to District Hospital as was resolved by the District Council, fully stocking and staffing of all HCIIIs and enhance

Supervision of health services; working closely with local leaders and the DHOs office.

  • Improved Education and sports–we will work closely with the local leaders to revitalize all primary

and secondary schools in the constituency and strengthening school inspection capacity; we will

strengthen our technical Schools in the constituency that are capable to impart vocational skills to the

youth. To identify and nurture talent in the constituency, I will explore the possibility of starting a sports

club where our youth will have the opportunity to train and develop their talents.

Mr Muganzi talks to youths at a sports event in Igara East in photo above. He has sponsored several sports events in the constituency
  • Electricity extension. There are ongoing projects; extension of electricity to Ruhumuro sub county headquarters, Bijengye village in Kyabugimbi sub county. There are planned projects for intensification of Buhimba – Nyeibingo line to inject more transformers to serve the communities along the line and also to serve Kitwe andRutooma. Electricity extension to Bujaga and Kyarihigika in Kyabugimbi Sub County is in advanced stages. Electricity extension to Bwera and Buyanja in Kyeizooba, Rwemiyoonga and Numbaparish in Bumbaire is high priority. Other small extensions and intensification projects will be implemented  in already identified areas in Ibaare, Rwentuuha Town Council and Bumbaire. Water – Currently, some parts of the constituency have water supply but with regular rationing –

we will work closely with NWSC boost water supply in the constituency and also for extension in new areas and intensification in the different parts.

  • Above all, I intend lobby for increased facilitation of the LCs (especially LCIs) that have been instrumental In implementing and supervising Government projects at the community level.Social economic transformation –through increased production (linkages with government programmes OWC, NAADS, etc), processing (increasing value and off-farm employment opportunities), increased storage capacity and marketing. We will mobilize champion farmers who will be supported to act as demo farms from where other farmers are trained and supported with inputs and technologies.

In Ruhumuriro, where there is plenty of tea growing, we will mobilize farmers to organize themselves and support them to access funding to put up a tea factory as was the case for Nyeibingo Coffee factory that’s owned by Farmers. And such projects will be replicated in other areas depending on their economic enterprises.  We shall also work closely with these farmer groups to source opportunities for marketing their products.

This will be in addition to other constitutional roles of the MP including legislation, budget appropriation and oversight.

Qn: What are some of your achievements that you are proud of as Medard?

Ans: What makes me proud most is putting a smile on the face of someone. Being a True Rotarian (PHF+5), I have learnt and always believes in ‘Service Above Self’.

I have supported the needy and bright students and pupils to attain their education. Some have been helped when they are stuck with fees to complete either PLE, ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels. I have three students that supported all through to attain undergraduate degrees and one student that was supported to finish a master’s degrees degree abroad. I am not a type of person who wants reveal details of students I have helped or supported but the list is quite big.

I have contributed to several educational institutions; including single-handedly roofing of the main building for Ruhumuriro Secondary School and I have contributed generously to community projects especially churches, mosques, youth and women groups. I have also supported sports and tournament events to sharpen the youths extracurricular activities.

Participating with other members of KDA, we established KD SACCO in Kyabugimbi which is providing servicesto our communities; we also provided support towards the building of Ruhumurira sub county headquarters, supported Kyabugimbi Secondary School with iron sheets and Nyakabanga Secondary School with 3 computers.

Mr Muganzi talks to constituents at an event in Igara East in photo above.

Qn: What is your take on negative media reports about you in connection with REA where you last worked/ served?

Ans: There are these clips of articles of monitor of November 2016 and 2017 circulating against any of my posts on social media. This is calculated malicious propaganda being circulated by political opponents to divert attention of electorates from asking the right questions to those seeking for election.

These allegations were investigated by Parliament and IGG and no fault was placed on me in as was alleged by the clips. The Issue of missing accountabilities was resolved with the IGG and to date, I have no outstanding issues with the IGG as is being alleged by the very old news paper clips.

Thus, these article clips are not statement of facts neither is it a conviction to stop my candidature as MP for Igara East.

In addition, Issues of REA remain in the spotlight and have been a reflection of in fights and rot in leadership of the  immediate former Executive Director (who was recently forced to handover office at 70 years), rather than an  individual issue. Whoever was viewed as a threat to the position of ED was targeted for endless investigations, machinations and character assassination including using the media. In the last five years, a total of over 8 senior Managers have been forced out of REA service under mysterious circumstances. If you have been following the News, REA matters have been in Parliament which has also had a fair share of bad PR with some members of Parliament alleged to have been bribed. So I was among the very first victims of this wrath from Turyahikayo.

I am a person of integrity and passionate about issues of development. I have offered myself to contest and serve the people of Igara East and advance the principles of NRM party.

I hear that my opponents and their supporters have jumped on these articles and they are moving around with them misleading our supporters. This is a sign of panic having felt our big support on the ground; I would encourage them to concentrate on selling their messages to the people rather than tarnishing my name.

These articles should be ignored with the contempt they deserve and our people should focus on issue-based campaign and how we can develop Igara East.

Mr Muganzi interacts with a team of a football club at a sports function in Igara East in photo above.

Qn: Why do u like sports and youths?

Ans: I was a footballer who rose from the village to the district level. I was a good goal keeper and I think my contemporaries remember me and I used to be very popular because of being a sportsman.

Qn: How about this issue that you migrated to Ibanda?

Ans: During the time I worked in Ibanda with UWESO, as a development minded person, I came across good  farm land which I bought in Ibanda and established a farm on it. So I own a farm in Ibanda but I live in

Kampala and my country home in Kigombe, Kyabugimbi, so this issue that I migrated to Ibanda is being peddled by detractors who should be ignored. 

Qn; what do you think about the coming scientific election?

Ans: it’s a bit tough because we shall not get chance to do political rallies which a new candidate needs to expose him and his ideas to the voters. Also, the voters will be denied a chance to ask the incumbents about their promises and achievements. But still we are ready to participate and win.

Qn: what is your message to the constituents in Igara East?

I am ready to work for the people of Igara East to cause social economic transformation, effective  representation, unity of our people and improved service delivery. I request for your votes first in the  NRM party primaries and later in the general national elections 2021.

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