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Mutebiles Fight for Kabale Municipality MP Seat

Two junior brothers of Bank of Uganda Governor Emanuel Tumusime Mutebile are at fighting for the Kabale Municipality seat. The two want to contest come 2021 parliamentary polls.

Major General Timothy Sabiti Mutebile who retired recently to join politics is clashing with his young brother Joseph Mutebile a banker. Joseph who has contested twice and lost (2001 and 2011) to the current MP Andrew Baryayanga an independent says his supporters want him to continue with his project and while his senior brother says he is just steeping in the race to spoil for him.

The gen announced early this year that he would contest the seat on the NRM ticket but needed to be retired from the army.

Speaking to the East African Watch an online newspaper, said he (Joseph) contested and hardly raised 1% of the votes and why does he want to come again when he has been scoring badly? He asked.

Joseph Mutebile answered and said “he thinks I have scored less than one percent but let him step in the race and ‘test the water’ he will tell us its temperatures”.


Gen Mutebile also said that Joseph was trying to blackmail and intimidate him and the Governor by announcing that he is in the race but did not give details of that allegation.

He however said Joseph was free to contest.

It was not possible to reach the Governor who is the family head to give us his comment on how he will settle his two brothers who are fighting for the same political seat. Although the Gen retired to join politics most of the sampled voters think he has retired from the army and should retire to personal business not politics. Those interviewed said he is ‘old’ and should retire completely and leave the seat to young people (contestants). That said means young aspirants such as Joseph and others including the current MP have better chances of being voted but not him (Gen. Mutebile).

A youthful and agile nick named AJA, Baryayanga may still scoop the seat in the next elections as he still enjoys the support of the youth who are the majority and because of his generosity generally. The race is still open to other aspirants who may include Dr. Nicholas Kamara.  Baryayanga has distributed for free maize seeds and a hoe each homestead to all constituents. He has also sponsored sports to the youth and voters are asking what the Mutebiles family has done for the people of Kabale.

“I hear the Gen Mutebile is planning to contest in Kabale Municipality, what has he and his family done for the people here in terms of development? They can come but they will face a lot of resistances and questions” David Muhumuza said.

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