NUP gives away another MP seat to NRM in Kamwenge district

Amanya Gibson a candidate of the National Unity Platform (NUP)  has lost the contest for Kibale County MP seat in Kamwenge district to the National Resistance Movement( NRM) party candidate in the  2021 polls.

The loss follows withdrawal of signatures of his nominators(Amanya). Is this an act of negligence or corruption?

Eng. Abigaba Cuthbert Mirembe is the New MP for that area and has been declared by the electoral commission as you can read in the letter bellow. He easily like that has smiled his way to parliament. He awaits to be sworn in and joins another four MPs that went through un opposed like that else where in the country.

Is President T. Museveni beating NUPs Bobi Wine in the MP contest so far ? Watch the space! Abigaba has easily been re-elected and was first elected MP in 2017. He was born in 1975 and he is both an electrical engineer and politician.

Amanya complained that his case was poorly handled. “I was summarily disqualified and its un fair, I was in the field canvassing for support, only to be told your nomination has been cancelled”

He said the EC had mishandled his case, while EC said that the moment he lost nominators he automatically lost being a candidate as stated in the EC letter.

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