Why Allan Atugonza defeated Mukitale to win Bullisa MP seat

Although Stephen Birahwa Mukitale won in the NRM primaries he recently lost to Allan Atugonza. Atugonza the new Buliisa county MP elect was Mukitale’s closest rival in the primaries.

Atugonza a business man beat Mukitale with support of locals according to sources. The sources also said that the locals  were tired of Mukitale’s methods of work of disorganizing people/ constituents.

“The people of Buliisa were tired of Mukitale for disorganizing people and engaging in useless fights. They decided to throw him out” a source in Buliisa said.

Another source said “ we voted out Mukitale,  we were tired of his chaos and endless fights ”.

A business Tycoon said they did not participate in throwing of funding Mukitale’s opponent but that the locals were just tired of him.

Atugonza has pledged to work for all and cause development by supporting and receiving projects and all government programs from the central government.

When contacted for comment Mukitale he said, he had a lot of things to do and will be engaged there and won’t miss having been voted out as MP. He said he has schools and engagements in the Inter Religious Council of Uganda.

He said the NRM is not a part by rather a revolution and added that he was fought by external forces from outside Buliisa district that have interest in the district because of planned oil and gas extraction in the area, among others.

Mukitale has been MP for Buliisa for more than two terms and has conflicted with several people some investors or business tycoons who did not wish him well. Some of the people he (Mukitale) has clashed with had made him what he was so his downfall is long overdue.


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